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Experienced Attorneys

Welcome to Layton & Southard, LLC, We are a multidisciplinary firm with decades of combined experience in estate planning, real estate, business law, family law, criminal and personal injury litigation. Our goal is always the same - to provide excellent service to each client that walks through our doors. We understand that each person comes to us with a unique set of needs, and we take pride in the fact that we tailor our services to suit the individual. Contact our staff today to learn more, or to get started with us.

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Experienced attorneys

Layton & Southard, LLC was founded in 2006 and has earned a reputation for providing excellent representation to our clients in the region. Our attorneys have expertise in a variety of different areas of law, and they take the time to listen, as well as communicate throughout the legal process.
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Dedicated to our profession

Our lawyers are committed to making sure they stay on top of any and all changes in the legal field. Our goal is to be able to provide informed representation to every client we have. The attorneys that work for our team are here because they love what they do - and they do it well.
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Advocates for our clients

At Layton & Southard, LLC we understand that the legal process can be challenging, and many times clients seeking assistance face difficult circumstances. Know that you will receive support from us every step of the way. Contact our office to learn more.
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