About Us

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Layton & Southard, LLC is a law firm with decades of experience in a variety of legal fields such as estate planning, real estate, business law, family law, criminal defense, and personal injury litigation. We have the experience to represent our clients in a broad range of cases. Please take a moment to learn more about the firm below, and contact us if you have any questions.

Our History

Layton & Southard, LLC was formed in late 2006 when Stephen Southard joined John Layton in practice. Mr. Layton began his practice in Kansas City, Missouri in early 1972, moving to Cape Girardeau in 1979. In his practice in Cape, Mr. Layton was associated with William S. Rader until Mr. Rader’s appointment by the governor to fill the vacant Division III Associate Circuit Judge position, and then with Raymond H. Vogel.

Benjamin F. Lewis later joined Vogel, Layton & Lewis. Mr. Vogel retired in 2000 after 50+ years in practice, and Mr. Lewis was elected Circuit Judge in 2004.

Mr. Southard began his practice in Cape Girardeau in 1992 with the Spradling & Spradling firm where he remained until joining Mr. Layton in 2006. Daniel J. Grimm joined Layton & Southard in 2009. Susan Layton Tomlin joined the firm in 2010. Wade Schuster joined in 2011 and staffs the Perryville office. Megan Holloway Andrews and Shanna Keel Surratt joined in 2014.

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