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semi tractor trailer accidents

Accidents involving large semi-trailer trucks can be absolutely terrifying for those involved, due to their large size and the amount of damage they can do. While there are stringent regulations imposed upon trucking companies to maintain acceptable levels of road safety, these accidents happen far more often than they should. According to a 2012 NHTSA report, there were 3,921 fatalities and 104,000 injuries caused by crashes involving large trucks, with 333,000 total trucks involved in traffic crashes. These alarming statistics point to negligent or even criminal practices on part of trucking companies, and if you are a victim of such an accident you are entitled to compensation. Layton & Southard, LLC will aggressively fight for your rights when trucking companies try to pay out as little as possible.
Truck accident on road

Common causes of semi-trailer accidents

An unfortunate reality of the trucking industry is that many companies view accidents as a cost of doing business. Drivers are often pushed to their physical limits, driving sleep-deprived at unsafe speeds in an effort to meet unrealistic, but cost-saving deadlines. Semi-trucks may also be loaded up beyond a safe capacity and have a detrimental impact on the handling of the vehicle. While most drivers abide by DOT regulations, use of cell phones, alcohol and drugs can lead to disastrous consequences, since a fully loaded truck can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds and can do a frightening amount of damage.

Understanding the duty of care

While all drivers have a duty of care to take all precautions necessary to prevent an accident, truck drivers operate under more stringent obligations due to the increased destructive potential inherent in larger vehicles. One of the most effective ways to win a case against a trucking company is to prove that there was a negligent violation of this duty of care. There are strict regulations dictating the acquisition of commercial driver's licenses, as well as log book regulations that must be adhered to at all times. If it can be evidenced that these regulations were violated, the courts will consider this "per se" proof of negligence, and award the victim appropriately.
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Protect your interests with skilled representation

In the event of an accident involving a semi-trailer, most trucking companies will rush to perform their own investigations in an effort to dispute liability. Even in cases where the company or driver was clearly at fault, they will find ways to downplay the severity of the accident in an effort to limit the cost of damages. While this is to be expected of businesses protecting their interests, you should not count on these findings to bring you the justice you deserve. Instead, you should immediately seek the experienced legal consultation of Layton & Southard, LLC to ensure that justice is served, and that you aren't left on your own to pay medical bills and damages.
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