truck accident attorneyIf you get hit by a careless semi-truck driver or negligent delivery operator, you may expect the company to reimburse you for your damages. However, commercial transportation is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Even small companies are backed by aggressive insurance carriers, six-figure bonds, and easy access to lawyers—all of whom have years of experience reducing or downright denying claims like yours.

Fortunately, an experienced Missouri truck accident attorney can help you push back against an industry that will often do everything it can to deny you justice.

How an Attorney Can Help After a Truck Accident

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you should always seek medical attention. Once your nerves are calm and your health is protected, call an attorney—we can gather evidence on your behalf and guide you through the deluge of phone calls and visits you will likely receive from the trucking company and its insurance adjusters.

After we know you are safe and healthy, we can assist with:

  • Investigating the site, scene, and circumstances of an accident. We will photograph the vehicles and, whenever possible, interview eyewitnesses and review surveillance camera footage. We will also pull the driver’s safety records and carefully inspect their employer’s history of violations.
  • Valuing your claim by calculating the sum of your damages. You may deserve compensation not only for medical bills and car repairs but also for lost income, mental trauma, and disfigurement.
  • Initiating your case in accordance with Missouri state expectations. We will ensure your lawsuit is filed with proper notice to the defendants, with the correct paperwork, and within the statute of limitations.
  • Planning your defense. As truck accident legal professionals, we know what strategies companies use to try and defeat claims or reduce their liability.
  • Representation, whether at trial or behind closed doors. While your complaint may end up in front of a judge, we can often negotiate a favorable settlement with an insurance company before a case ever moves to trial.

Your Attorney Is Your Advantage in a Truck Accident Case

Lawsuits against trucking companies can be complicated. Oftentimes, a truck driver’s negligence may have been caused or prompted by their employer’s negligence. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to make drivers stay on the road for an illegal number of hours or ignore federally mandated safety inspections and parts replacement. Consequently, many trucking lawsuits target not only the driver but their employer, too. And because truck companies are subject to local, state, and federal law, you can only make your best case for compensation when you understand every layer of the relevant statutes.

Transportation companies have attorneys who know all about their industry and its obligations under the law. They will use every trick, loophole, and tactic they can to help their client evade responsibility. If trucking companies have the best available defense, then you should have the best available offense, too.


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